Bossman JD – Picasso || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Picasso by Bossman JD

Looking for a song related to painting? Well, Picasso by Bossman JD just dropped off.

So, the Florida Rapper came up with his new hip hop song new called “Picasso”. And we know that Florida is a place filled with vibrant color and talent that is recognized all around the world. The music is very light and soothing that will touch your heart, there is a hint of pain in the music. Even though the pictures that he paints portray his pain and hardships he had in his life. The artist delivered a very strong message through his music. “I’m Picasso but I be painting these pictures…” a verse from “Picasso”.

Moreover, Picasso by Bossman JD comes out with visuals that show the hurtful painting. It seems like the rapper shows his creativity and talent in his new music. And the video was directed by Directed By: That Rick 904. Alongside the track looks pretty, neat beat and slamming verses.

Especially the song and the video is a masterpiece created by Bossman JD. It’s a unique outlook in the hip-hop genre. The rapper shows his creativity and talent in his new music.

So give this new song a chance to fall in love. It should be added to your playlist for sure.

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