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Stress by Casanova

Stress by Casanova, from the title you could say the rapper was giving out details of inner turmoil.

It seems to be that the American rapper opens up about what he really goes through. Even though Casanova is over the probation which has been many years. And he is living his life in the best way possible. Yet he still goes through many struggles and faces it by himself. So this new hip hop song is based on all kinds of stress you take. It can be financial troubles or mental health or physical health and even passing of Pop Smoke, the list goes on. So, the rapper puts his soul into this music. Cas does show his vulnerable side which we didn’t see before.

Casanova shares on his Instagram that “Those who really know me can vouch for me I never did drugs n my life but I caught myself taking anti-depressant meds, which is called Trazodone.I always told myself I’ll never abuse no pill… by the grace of god I caught myself,” this is what he told about the latest track, “This song was made in a dark place.I know I’m not the only one feeling stressed… this is for the people that can relate, I just hope 2020 go away!!!!!”

So listen to Stress by Casanova and let us know what you think.

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