Disclosure – Energy || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Energy by Disclosure

Energy by Disclosure is a new hip hop song just got released. The upcoming album has the same name as the track.

With a firing upbeat and exclusive music video. It looks like Disclosure has put out some banger song into his album. It seems to be that the artist wants you to find the meaning out the song as he gives out a message. Alongside he did put out a very creative video that played for 4 minutes but it is trying to tell a story.

Energy by Disclosure is another level song that has a pulsating dose of rhythm. And there is like a rush getting that you would feel while listening to it. It can be mind-boggling but do try to hear it closely. There are some vocal samples used for encouragement in the track. It says “go where we’ve never gone before.” We all can get an idea from simply the title of the song and it seems like it did justice with the definition of it.

So don’t lose your self into the music fully, hold on tight, and enjoy it. Looks like “Energy” project of Disclosure is going to be very enlightening.

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