Rema – Fame || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Fame by Rema

Fame by Rema, the rapper brings this easy-going new hip hop song where he explains about many things.

The beat is slow and there is this one piano key that keeps going on. With such a flow the rapper keeps up with the rhythm. Even though the song is less than 2 minutes. But the Rema throw out these verses that you would be so connected to. It’s as if he is pouring his heart out. I wish the song was more longer.

With the song there is a music video along with it where he is hugging a teddy bear. And then a mic in the other hand and keeps rapping. It looks like the Nigerian rapper is a superstar and has a long way to be more successful. However Rema does mention that he has already performed for a A COLORS SHOW. Then he comes back for A COLORS ENCORE with his “Fame” unreleased track.

Fame by Rema, the production for the song is done by Woodpecker. They have done a pretty good job for the track. Moreover, this record was only available for YT uploads then it was given under various titles. But now finally a release from A COLORS SHOW happened and fans must be excited. So enjoy watching this short music. And if you didn’t notice this is the same teddy bear from the “Bad Commando” session. Anyways check out the banger song below.

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