Trinidad James – Black Owned || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Black Owned by Trinidad James

Black Owned by Trinidad James dropped off. It seems to be the rapper has returned with some new spicey track.

If you do not have much idea about the rapper. So here is a small brief, Trinidad James is a former stylist who later entered into the Hip Hop industry. The rapper seems to be one of the first who has given hope for the fashion industry to join the rap game if possible. But even though he has continued with his music and even being in fashion. Trinidad couldn’t catch the spotlight like he did once upon a time.

But that didn’t stop him from what he wants to pursue in life. You would see him now and then for his popularity gained in the sneaker community. As he has a show on Complex. However, Black Owned by Trinidad James has got dropped off, giving the fans again some new way to admire the stylist. Even though the song carries this funkiness but James seems to steal the show with his skills on rapping. He doesn’t only release a new hip hop song but even given out a music video.

Sneak peek below to see the new track.

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