French Montana – That’s A Fact (Remix) (FEAT. & Fivio Foreign & Mr. Swipey) || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

That's A Fact (Remix) by French Montana

That’s A Fact (Remix) by French Montana, Fivio Foreign, and Mr. Swipey. Three of the rappers got their issues over and released a song together.

So, ‘That’s A Fact’ was officially released with its music video on April 20th, 2020. But then it looks like French Montana wanted to do something more with. Even though he did have a lot of beef with the other featuring rappers yet they all came to a conclusion and ended there feud. You could check out below, the actual version of the new track before you hear the remix one. And could you find out Mr. Swipey as a back-up dancer on the video?

Now the fight was actually started by Fivio coming to live on his Instagram live to say that “French Montana wildin’, n***a, he wildin’, n***a. He gon’ have Swipey dancin’ and spinnin’ in every video like if he some type of back-up dancer, n***a. Ain’t no back-up dancer for you, n***a.” Then he continued to say “You ain’t ’bout to use drill beats and have n***as spinning. Put that n***a on a song or something like that.” By saying all this Fivio wanted to say that it’s not good how Mr. Swippy is just a back-dancer as his talented. So putting out such statements did create a problem between them. Fans didn’t know what would happen next. But then again Montana has put aside such negativity and got to release a new hip hop song with them.

So listen to That’s A Fact (Remix) by French Montana, Fivio Foreign, and Mr. Swipey. Do you think the remix is better than the original one?

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