Kanye Running For President

It looks like Kanye West is coming up with his new album God’s Country. The title was unveiled by cinematographer and director Arthur Jafa in a conversation with the cultural icon.  And produced by Michele Lamy. Moreover, while having a chat about Kanye, Michèle asked Arthur if his upcoming work is related to Kanye’s Sunday Service series. To which Arthur responded that it’s actually for Kanye’s forthcoming album.

As Arthur answered, “No, no, it’s from his new record, it’s called ‘God’s Country’. And this will be like the first single off of it. I don’t know if I’m supposed to not be announcing it…it may be spilling the beans.”

Also, Arthur mentioned that the single might be coming as soon as next week. It seems like he has a hand in the music video for it. Arthur said more about that he has no idea exactly when the album might be releasing. It might come now or maybe next week. We all know how Kanye never released the exact time of his release.

It’s interesting to fans that the new album God’s Country is the actual title. Because the last they heard was supposed to be Jesus from King II. It was supposed to be a collaborative effort with Dr. Dre. So perhaps Kanye’s renamed it. But that doesn’t surprise the fans either because Kanye, who is known as Hip-Hop’s latest billionaire. And he is also known for changing his mind and ideas quite rapidly.

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