Key Glock – Son Of A Gun || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Son Of A Gun by Key Glock

Son Of A Gun by Key Glock is a new hip hop song released. It is produced by Bandplay.

So, Key Glock decides to drop off the album, “Son Of A Gun.” It looks like he did get out a different side of music as he experimented with his instruments being played. Bandplay did a great job of giving out a dope instrumental background music for the track.

Furthermore, when it comes to the lyrics Key Glock has given well it is hard-hitting. The artist seems to give this aggressive tone to explain the situations he goes through. Later he does give an attitude and flexes about certain things like “When I got my first backend, spent the half on guns,” and then he mentions his special love one, “Rest in peace to my grandma, yeah, she raised a don.” The track is near to two-minutes and it has got everything needed to be good.

So check out the Son Of A Gun by Key Block track below. Let us know if you are satisfied with the rapper’s music this time.

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