Migos Perform New Song Birkin At iHeart Festival || LATEST HIP HOP NEWS AND RUMOURS

So, there is a lot happening with the Hip-hop trio Migos. Lately they haven’t released their music much. But continued to be there with being featuring artists in different tracks. Like ‘Give No Fks’ in collaboration with Travis Scott & Young Thug which released this year in February. Then came along ‘Taco Tuesday’ for Cinco de Mayo at the start of this month. After that trio came back with ‘Racks 2 Skinny.’ And finally, put out their latest track ‘Need It’ this Friday. So, it looks like they are not disappointing their fans and trying to keep up with releasing something new from time to time.

Moreover, Lil Wayne got The Trio on a call for his Young Money Radio show on Apple Music. And over there some spicey news got leaked. Like the celebration of Quavo getting his high school diploma. Also, the rapper said he is thinking about going to college in the coming time. Later when the topic arrived about the trio’s new album then they said that their working with NBA YoungBoy as featuring artists and 50 Cent‘s sampled track will be on the album.

Also, the Migos confessed to change the album CULTURE III name. But they didn’t assure us the new title of the album either. Even though it was supposed to be a follow up to 2018 album, ‘CULTURE II.’ It got multiple hits tracks like: ‘Stir Fry’ and ‘Narcos’, then ‘Walk It Talk It’ with Drake, and even ‘Motorsport’ with Cardi B & Nicki Minaj.

So stay tuned as Migos confessed album CULTURE III is not the name. Then what do you think it would be? Check out for more latest hip hop news and rumors head to our news section. 

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