DMX apologizes to Lloyd Banks

DMX apologizes to Lloyd Banks after he recently accused that the rapper was not a top lyricist in the hip-hop game.

Somedays back the rapper went on live on Instagram with Fatman Scoop. There they were talking about other greatest rappers of all time. While discussing some greatest rappers of all time, Scoop shared his interest in wanting to have a rap battle with the legend Jay-Z and a few other artists. Scoop was also taking names of the artist who he thinks have been in their A-game in the industry, he claimed Lloyd Banks to be one of them. Immediately X interrupted by asking why Banks is mentioned in that list. 

He questioned, “Lloyd Banks? Lyrical?” to that Scooped responded, “Lloyd Banks, of course, he had some of the illest lines ever.” 

So, then Lloyd Mentioned this on his Twitter.

However, later DMX apologizes to Lloyd Banks, saying that he mistook him for a G-unit member Tony Yayo. He wrote, “It takes a real nigga to admit when he’s wrong….. my apologies to Lloyd banks I was thinking tony yayo when I was asked about banks. I fuck with banks!” 

So, let us know if you think the apology was genuine.

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