Gucci Mane – Both Sides (FEAT. Lil Baby) || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (VIDEOS)

Both Sides by Gucci Mane

HOT NEW SINGLE!! Both sides by Gucci Mane and Lil Baby is here. The collaboration is amazing between these two.

So, recently Atlanta rappers are going up a higher level in the rap game for quite some time. But then Gucci Mane pairs up with Lil Baby to show the world that they’re not getting down so easy. However, these two aren’t working together for the first time. Instead, they did a few tracks like “Anyway”, “Ice”, and even “The Load.” So they know to give out a banger performance together.

Moreover, keeping up with hard-hitting verses, and catchy instrumental background music. It looks like all in one is present in Both sides by Gucci Mane and Lil Baby. So, the new tracks are mainly about not putting your nose on other businesses which mostly happens nowadays. As the rappers think like if you can’t choose a side then you end up six feet under. It is a relatable song that you would enjoy listening to.

Besides, they even came along with a music video too. So check it out the new hip hop song below.

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