Rosalía & Travis Scott – TKN || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (VIDEOS)

TKN by Rosalía

Damn! A hot single is released. TKN by Rosalía and even Travis Scott sang along with her. The rapper did speak Spanish on it. It just looks like a new banger song of Travis again.

So, after ‘JACKBOYS‘ compilation project which was a success for Travis Scott. And he decides to release a remix of his hit single ‘Highest In The Room’ and ROSALÍA gets a chance to feature with the rapper and delivers a verse. Now, she is one of the hit stars on the side of Latin America. Moreover, getting the chance to perform with one of the biggest artists in the United States. As we know how Travis Scott has been stealing hearts all over the world.

So, now TKN by Rosalía where Travis Scott comes to collab with her and both seem to be so great. It looks like they should make more tracks for sure. However, some days back both of them announced their new hip hop song to be released. Finally, the song arrived but even along with a music video.

Furthermore, the rapper looks like he is trying something new and getting to get his brand a different view of his talent. It was reported to say that both of them will be representing the new track as an aggressive club flavor. But instead just because of the climate around the world is going through so both of them gave a comforting friendly tone.

So check out the new single. Let us know if you liked it or you loved it?

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