Tayla Parx – Dance Alone || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Dance Alone by Tayla Parx

We have got a good vibe new hip hop song. Dance Alone by Tayla Parx is classic disco music that you would dance on.

Also, Dance Alone by Tayla Parx is a new single with such a good effort she presents to us. Moreover, we know that last year’s released project, ‘We Need To Talk.’ Lately, the artist has been constantly dropping off tracks which are amazing. Even though she has the talent as she has been writing songs for other big artists. It seems to be her turn to show her singing talent. So, “Coping Mechanisms” is the recent album she is working on. And this new track is like this perfect song for us in this pandemic situation we are going through.

Also, Tayla shares that the song is about “Dance Alone is about that deep desire to connect with someone in order to cope, we all have that special someone who makes us feel things where we literally ache for them or feel for them. It’s about human connection, which we all desperately need right now, and how we realize we are not alone.” 

Well what she said is right, don’t you think? And it seems like the new album is going to have some popping music that we would definitely enjoy. So check out the track and let us know what are your thoughts about this new track.

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