Paloma Ford – Nights I Cry || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (VIDEOS)

Nights I Cry by Paloma Ford NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Paloma Ford returns with an amazing R&B single “Nights I Cry”. The single is from her forthcoming project, ’X tapes’.
The American pop and R&B vocalist is soon to be publishing her new hip hop song. Her last debut Nearly Civilized was out in 2017.
This time, the occasional rapper is letting us have a great share for her new album. Nights I Cry by Paloma is a song that comes from her heart. She tells us that, she wrote the song from her own life experience; the love and loss that she dealt with along the way.

All the words are so well put together, you are meant to feel the heartaches that one went through.
Just like its name, the track will give you a sultry, late-night vision besides, the song will touch your heart and soothe your soul.
“I envisioned the visual for ‘Nights I Cry’ to match the vibe of the song; a song that reflects those nights spent alone with the thoughts of the relationship running through your head,” Paloma said. In addition, “It’s something you can ride out and smoke to… I had this picture in my head of riding through LA in a drop-top and making it a statement, as well as a vibe.
We had to work with a small team and limited resources because of the lockdown, so I’m immensely proud of the final product.

Do give a listen to “Nights I Cry” by Paloma and let us know what you think about her new hip hop song.

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