Wiz Khalifa & Travis Barker – Drums Drums Drums || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Drums Drums Drums by Wiz Khalifa

It looks like a legend paired up once more to give out a banger song. So, Drums Drums Drums by Wiz Khalifa and Travis Barker is released.

So, recently Drums Drums Drums by Wiz Khalifa and Travis Barker produced the track. It came out on 29th May 2020. This is a new project of Wiz Khalifa, titled ‘The Saga of Wiz Khalifa’ on 4/20. It has been keeping the rapper very busy and neither did he talk about the album much. But then he spits it out by dropping off the Blink-182 Drummer track.

However, Drums Drums Drums is a track where it is suspicious vocals get played like when Lil Wayne asking, “Travvy, where the drums at?” That is an interesting way Travis started up a new hip hop song. Now, Travis is the co-writer of the song and he does contribute some of the vocals in it. Moreover, he tried to add spice to the music and did a good job in it by being a newbie. Both of the rappers do have chorus part together like “Say she wanna ride with us, then ride with us/Say she wanna roll with us, then roll with us/Say she wanna smoke with us, then smoke with us.”

Check out the new track below. Did you think Wiz Khalifa’s new album will be a hit this time?

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