Thouxanbanfauni – DOMINO || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

DOMINO by Thouxanbanfauni

Finally, DOMINO by Thouxanbanfauni is a song that hits you with a classy beat.

So, musical artist Thouxanbanfauni is talking about alcoholism and women in his latest song. For a long time, drug use and sex have always been a special theme in the music. And these themes were more glorified back in the 70s and 80s by Rock. Even though hip-hop artists have also been doing the same.

But Thouxanbanfauni is certainly one of those artists who embrace the rockstar lifestyle and his new hip hop song, “DOMINO” which exactly portrays the theme. And that’s what he raps about in the track. Throughout the song, the artist discussed alcoholism and drug use while also exploring the sexual encounters the artist had with women. The short yet sweet song instantly gives a vibe. Therefore fans would love this new hip hop song for a fresh kick.

However, listen to DOMINO by Thouxanbanfauni track and let us know you liked it or loved it.

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