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Toxic by Clintn Lord

It looks like Toxic by Clintn Lord has decided to release a new track just after his birthday.

Brooklyn rapper Clintn Lord reflects on the recent international ongoing news the protests of the black Americans with his new hip hop song, “Toxic.” Clintn Lord has been on rainbows for a while with the release of his track “Ay! Caramba”.

Now when Black Americans are literally fighting for their lives. The rapper released a new song to portray the energy of the protests going on across the country. Also to support them. Clintn Lord just two days before his 27th birthday recorded his latest single. In this track, it channels out his anger and frustrations. It is about surrounding the murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Ahmaud Arbery and this was a production from Hugo.

So, the rapper talks about his release of the song “I was really fed up with a lot of things going on. My birthday was coming up on Monday. They set the police station on fire here on the day I was in the studio. I just addressed what was going on. I was frustrated and I feel like everybody was frustrated.” Now, that is something everyone would agree with for sure.

Listen to Toxic by Clintn Lord song below. Let us know your thoughts

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