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Otherside Of America by Meek Mill

Otherside Of America by Meek Mill as you could understand by the title that the song is dedicated to the political issues that have been arising recently.

Moreover, the song starts off by mentioning the present President Of United States Of America, Donald Trump. It looks like he is not handling well with the roar of the Black American community. Also, Meek Mill mentions POCs in the US which is a lot happening. But there are no serious steps been taken about it.

It’s like lives are going to be lost but whose going to have your back and solve it. Recently the death of George Floyd has opened up the eyes of people. Everyone is protesting for the innocent man’s life being in the loss for such racist officers. Now, the Black community will fight back and rise up their voice that this is it. Such incidents must not occur anymore. Even though after such crimes some polices yet to fire back and not hear the protest and riot coming on.

So channel on your all energy while listening to the new hip hop song, Otherside Of America by Meek Mill. The music is done through Maybach Music Group and Atlantic.

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