Rah Swish – Woo Forever || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (VIDEOS)

Woo Forever by Rah Swish

Among many tragedies of 2020, the death of rapper Pop Smoke is the most saddening one. As, the rapper just started to fly and was shot dead down just days after the release of his debut album. The rapper was leading the Brooklyn drill wave to international grounds.

Although his peers and associates have carried his legacy. One of them is Rah Swish, a fellow Brooklyn native who was close with Pop Smoke. At the start of this year, Woo Forever by Rah Swish released the new single with respect to Pop. And now, it’s finally hitting streaming services.

Furthermore, Rah Swish wrote on his Instagram for Pop’s fan “Music has always been a powerful tool for our people, dating back to the negro spirituals, to get over a lost loved one. Friday, ‘Woo Forever’ will be released on all platforms, as it has been in the system schedule for a while, not sure if it helps, maybe it will for one person, and if it does, then I am glad. It will be Woo forever, as it is more important that WE as Black people will be here forever.”

Moreover, this track was released with a music video. So, it was directed by Jarett Funderburk and Isaiah Samuels. The visuals simply show that Swish is rapping with his people. It seems to me that even though Pop Smoke is not with us but his music will remain forever. So, check out the new hip hop song Woo Forever by Rah Swish below.

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