Lil Keed – Fox 5 (FEAT. Gunna) || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Fox 5 by Lil Keed & Gunna

Firing track just arrived, it is Fox 5 by Lil Keed and featuring rapper Gunna.

So, it seems like Lil Keed and Gunna’s combination is amazing. As both of them put a lot of energy into their new hip hop song. We have already heard a lot about “Fox 5” as earlier this week while the shoot was happening for the music video and there was gunfire rang. So, then the rappers quickly took cover and a video was leaked of the situation. Later, Young Thug spoke about this matter. As he claimed it was because of his crew was responsible for firing the shots.

However, it does make the new track to be a hit as it caught the spotlight before releasing. Moreover, Lil Keed has been coming up with really good songs. He’s working hard to rise up his rap ranks and he is also one of the biggest in his city. Alongside this, as Gunna had got his no.1 album so it’s obvious to make an appearance for this new track too. It is great that he did like both of them nailed it together.

Fox 5 by Lil Keed is a song where the rapper explores himself and takes out a different side of him. He does get deep into his vocal cords which make the song sound more dope.

So, check it out below and enjoy your day listening to it. Stay tuned as the music video will be out soon too.

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