NLE Choppa – Shotta Flow 5 || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (VIDEOS)

Shotta Flow 5 by NLE Choppa

Shotta Flow is a series that still continues to be there. Shotta Flow 5 by NLE Choppa is the new hip hop song from there. This would be the fifth version which releases. It seems to be still a banger.

We have to know the Memphis rapper, NLE Choppa who has always got a hard-hitting single with “Shotta Flow.” Then the rapper continues to break a second, third, and fourth of it. And it is still a hit. However, now this time he arrives with another one!  

Even though the 17-year-old rapper is keeping to the same formula. He has his signature spitting quick-paced flows. Alongside he also got aggressive in his rhymes. It looks like there is going to be always a new version of this single. Moreover, he comes along with high bars and gives out these threats, and brags the fact that he is rebellious. It seems to be crazier than his other ones.

Also, the rapper shared on his Twitter where he has given a hint of how many “Shotta Flows” will he be making. So you could see it down below.

As. NLE Choppa tweet, “The Shotta Flow Series Like The Fast & Furious series.” So, this can give us an idea that there might be many more for the future too. Well, fans are not still bothered by it because each of the songs is amazing. So, check out the track below. Let us know which “Shotta Flow” song is your favorite one.

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