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So recently Eminem revealed his list of greatest rappers of all time. In the past, he has named his favorite rappers numerous amount of times. But this time the list looks quite exhaustive.
YouTuber No LifeShaq posted a video of himself DMing 30 rappers on Instagram. There he asked them about who the greatest rappers of all time are. After several hours, Eminem took a notice of the tweet and decided to reply with his names on Twitter.

“For me, in no particular order…. Toss up between Wayne, pac, Royce, jay, redman, treach, g. rap, biggie & king crook….” tweeted Em. Afterward, in a follow-up tweet, he also mentioned LL Cool J, Kendrick Lamar, Joyner Lucas, J. Cole, Nas, Andre 3000, and Rakim.

Moreover, there are surprises like Joyner who hasn’t released too many official albums yet but has collaborated with Slim Shady twice already.

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