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Worth It All by Kierra Luv

Kierra Luv drops off her brand new single. So, Worth It All by Kierra Luv is a new hip hop song from her recent album, “Take It Or Leave It.”

Although the album is still not released then some of the tracks are dropped off. So, Kierra Luv is an artist whom you should kee your eye on this year. As the R&B rising star is getting her way into the industry with her amazing songs. Alongside this, it has been two years that she has started her career. However, the new project that she is working on would be releasing any time now but for now Worth It All and some other tracks are there to check out the talent of the new artist.

So, just before the release, Worth It All by Kierra Luv is is out. It is a song which is produced by bu MrSeanBrown who has done a good job with the music. Also, Kierra might have given us a hint about her relationship status as she mentions in her lyrics that “I been in the studio, ain’t worried ’bout you at all/ How you get to send a text but you blockin’ all my calls?”

However, enjoy listening to the new track below. Also, stay tuned as the album is going to be out on 19th June 2020.

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