Best Friend by RMR

It seems like RMR’s featured new hip hop songs are really good. As RASCAL Remix by RMR is a song that Young Thug has featured along with him.

So nowadays, it looks like Country rap is the new thing. People really enjoy these new types of songs. However, RMR really worked through his new album and every Black American would enjoy listening to all his songs. As the rapper just dropped off his new album. It is titled “Drug Dealing Is A Lost Art”.

Moreover, the closing track would be “Rascal” which is an amazing song to not miss. Then again this track has come back as a remix as a few weeks back, 28year old rapper, Young Thug did come up with an inspiring track. It was dedicated to George Floyd protests across America. And now that lyric appeared to be in the remix version of this track which got released today.

However, now there was a record of Rascal Flatts which influenced Young Thug to put one of his lyrics on this track. As Young Thug shares his own experiences with police that he came across when he attend to protest with the Americans.

So listen to RASCAL Remix by RMR and Young Thug below. Let us know your thoughts about it.

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