Luh Soldier – Hand Of Justice || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Hand Of Justice by Luh Soldier

So, recently one of the tragedies that are happening across America is a battle fought against systemic oppression on the black community. It seems clearly evident how the justice system has been working throughout the years. Also, those people who are protesting for their rights on the frontlines are also being targeted. By the law enforcement officers. The uprising event has inspired many artists to raise their voices with their art. So, Lil Baby recently put out his new hip hop song THE BIGGER PICTURE. Alongside this, we also have a new BLM version by Dababy titled, ROCKSTAR.

However, earlier today, Alabama’s rising star Luh Soldier came back with a new hip hop song. It is titled, Hand Of Justice where he delivered a regional sound. The track reflects his experience as a Black man in the state of America. And how he has always been unfairly oppressed by the system throughout his life.

Furthermore, the song Hand Of Justice by Luh soldier seems to be a powerful one. And It definitely gave an incredible intro to Luh Soldier’s music for anyone who is a new listener to his songs.

Click below to tune in the song Hand Of Justice by Luh Soldier.

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