88GLAM – Dance For Me || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Dance For Me by 88GLAM

So, Dance For Me by 88GLAM, the rappers are back with a hit track.

So, there were many speculations going on about 88GLAM rappers’ future of what would happen to him in the future. As the duo did break up and didn’t end up releasing their project, ‘Close To Heaven Far From God,.’ Now, these rumors only formed because the album was not being dropped off.

However, it seems like the duo is back as they did announce that a new mixtape titled ‘New Mania,’ is coming out soon just before 88GLAM served up the first single off of the project. So, Dance For Me by 88GLAM does hit on the streaming services. And the production was done with 8-bit synths leading the production. Now, the duo’s did some auto-tuned vocals gloss over the 808s. But it does sound really good. Derek Wise and 88CAMINO rap about deliver big flexes. And also mentioned the veiled threats that they receive through their drug-fueled banger. 

Moreover, spilling some tea as it was discovered that since the first rumors after they have been separated ways from XO surfaced. But yet no one exactly confirmed. Yet as this song was independently released and this was according to Spotify. 

So listen to the new hip hop song below. Let us know your thoughts about 88 GLAM.

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