Abra Cadabra – Cadabra Freestyle || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (VIDEOS)

Cadabra Freestyle by Abra Cadabra

So, Cadabra Freestyle by Abra Cadabra is a new track that is dope.

Moreover, Artist Abra Cadabra started off this year very strongly with the release of his project LOL: Love Or Lust? It clearly seems the album started off the campaign regarding his debut project. But we weren’t able to find much information about it. The artist has been shooting bangers one after the other, after the release of his last project.

Furthermore earlier this weekend, Abra unleashed his new hip hop song titles as ‘Cadabra Freestyle’. The track is said to be powered up with multi sounds of UK drill. And the artist is seen rattling off the 808’s with clear revenge.

However, Cadabra Freestyle by Abra Cadabra has the elegance of the violin strings juxtaposes along with the bass-heavy percussion and of course the improvised gun sounds. All made the rapper delivered vivid imagery of murder, death, and gang warfare.

The new hip hop track is said to be released shortly after the releases his last song “Baby.” So check it out below. Let us know your thoughts.

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