Drumma Boy – Still Can’t Believe It (FEAT. Derez De’Shon) || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Still Can't Believe It by Drumma Boy

So, Still Can’t Believe It by Drumma Boy and Derez De’Shon got released. It is a banger for sure.

So, Drumma Boy has produced hit hip hop tracks throughout his career. As he worked with T.I. and Nicki Minaj, then Young Jeezy to Wiz Khalifa. It seems that the rapper had gained quite some experience through his career choice since 2002. Now, he decides to show up with all his talents. With a noticeable artist who is rising up from the South. He’s still putting in work, though, specifically with notable artists that are popping in the South.

Moreover, this weekend, the rapper decided to drop off a new hip hop song. Still Can’t Believe It by Drumma Boy and featuring Derez De’Shon and with co-production from Scott Storch. And the production did a good job with the music. As it gives out a muddy banger sound. However, Derez also hits with his braggadocious moments on the song.

So check it out below. Let us know if you like this collaboration or not.

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