G-Eazy – Nostalgia Cycle || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (VIDEOS)

Had Enough by G-Eazy

So. Nostalgia Cycle by G-Eazy is a new single where the rapper transition from hip hop to something G-Indie.

Even though G-Eazy is very well known for giving out the brand of cavalier hip-hop. But this time it seems like the artist is working on something metamorphosis. So he gives out his fans a different type of genre to fall in love with him. As the artists revolve around this new style where he releases tracks more of G-Indie and digs deep with the instruments being played. So, the fans are excited to actually wait for his new album, ‘Everything Strange Here.’ Now, Nostalgia Cycle by G-Eazy has been released with a pop-friendly production.

Moreover, this track comes along with visuals where G-Eazy is sitting down on the floor. As he says, “I miss the way I felt when I had no regrets,” he muses, over a delicate finger-picked guitar pattern.” Then he also shares that, “Before I lost myself in so much random sex, sleeping with strangers, ignoring the dangers, scribble my past out.”

It seems that G-Eazy came out with lots of emotions with his songs. And he really worked hard to get his fans what they need. So, check out the track below. And stay tuned for more new hip hop song updates. Also, let us know if you like this new side of G-Eazy or you want him back to the hip hop world.

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