G-Eazy – Had Enough || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (VIDEOS)

Had Enough by G-Eazy

Had Enough by G-Eazy is a new hip hop song just got released. It is from his upcoming project, “Everything’s Strange Here.”

So, we will be receiving the new album of G-Eazy by midnight. One of the tracks is already out, Had Enough by G-Eazy. It is a song where the rapper sharing publicly about his breakup with Halsey. Moreover, she didn’t either said pleasant talks about their relationship. It seems like there is som heat left between these two. Alongside this, he does put out clues about the subject of the song which Halsey released. It was a hit track, “Without Me.” This song was created after they broke up.

However, G-Eazy did write up a lyrics in the end which said, “How could I forget about you?/You wonder how I live without you, babe.” Then he says, “You’re So Vain,” this was directly indicating Halsey’s ego. There were also references in the song about the incident. It was when Halsey who had a negative reaction when someone yelled her ex’s name when she was performing on stage. So, he raps, “You dragged my name, I don’t say sh*t/But let somebody say ‘G-Eazy,’ you go apesh*t…”

Moreover, G-Eazy did share the tracklist of ‘Everything’s Strange Here‘ on 24th June 2020. And it was reported that his rumored girlfriend, Ashley Benson will team up on one of the songs with him. Now ‘Had Enough’ did not only came out with audio but also a video. Check it out below and let us know your thoughts.

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