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It seems like someone is back. Girls In The Hood by Megan Thee Stallion is a track which is an Eazy-E classic and she delivers with her bossy attitude.

So, it seems like Eazy-E’s daughter is bothered about this track and she shared about it on Instagram. But then again  Megan Thee Stallion didn’t bother much about it. However, the Texas rapper did start up controversy even though it was unknowingly. But it happened as she shared a snippet of her single, “Girls in the Hood” on 25th June 2020. As the female rapper posted a video of herself twerking to the beat of her new hip hop song.

Moreover, the actual original track was Eazy-E’s 1987 debut single “Boyz-n-the-Hood.” It was one of the classic hip hop hit songs. Now the late rapper’s daughters Ebie, ReeMarkable, and Erica who has been airing out family business through social media.

Even though the daughters are speaking out if their father’s music is allowed to be used this way. But then Megan Thee Stallion stayed quiet about it and still went on releasing the track. But then again, the track does clearly pays homage to Eazy-E. And Megan has got bossy lyrics on this track. And fans love hearing this style of her music. So, now we are waiting for her next project announcement. Till then check out, Girls In The Hood by Megan Thee Stallion down below.

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