K Camp – Pineapple Juice || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Pineapple Juice by K Camp

The 30-year-old rapper is back with some heat. As Pineapple Juice by K Camp has just released and the smooth beat will attract you.

So, it seems like K Camp had a really huge year. The rapper works hard to deliver consistently new hip hop songs throughout his career. Till the time he had to shift his game after the release of his song, “Lottery” which was viral. Most of the thanks go to the world of TikTok to bring this track into the highlight. However, it was a big deal for him when suddenly his song went viral. But by that time Camp already set his goal and move forward.

Moreover, this weekend, K Camp comes out with a new banger track titled, “Pineapple Juice.” Now this song is muddy and also ferocious. Even though Camp being his usual way gives out this cool flow with the beat and effortless flexes. And also braggadocious bars will be found too. So, this new hip hop song does give us a hint that K Camp is getting ready for the release of the deluxe edition of “KISS 5″ which was the talk of the town this earlier week.

Now listen to the new hip hop song, Pineapple Juice By K Camp below. Let us know if you are excited about his upcoming album.

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