Matt Ox – Beam Me Up || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Beam Me Up by Matt Ox

So, Beam Me Up by Matt Ox is the first new hip hop song released for 2020. It was produced by Jetsonmade.

A 15-year-old rapper is building up his way to the industry. Now, Philadelphia rapper Matt Ox is one of the youngest rappers who has been working with music for years. So, you really can’t underestimate the talent of a rapper. Finally, we got another new track Beam Me Up by Matt Ox which is a banger track.  

The new song is released via Motown Records. And the producer, Jetsonmade made a good choice to let him raise up. However, the track is about getting a high from material possessions. It means that by hearing this track you will get an idea of how much dedication we show towards material things and money. As Matt raps, “Racks beam me up, my diamonds beam me up. The more we get the more we want. But does any of this really mean anything? Is any of it leading to real happiness? I’ma keep doing me and figure it out.” It seems like he really came out with the truth. As sometimes we do indulge ourselves in such thoughts.

Furthermore, click and stream the new track below. Let us know if you think this rapper has a long way to reach his goals.

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