LOVE or HATE by Gorilla Zoe

So, how much can you love or hate someone? Well someone has written a song to explain to you. LOVE or Hate by Gorilla Zoe is a new hip hop song that would make you go back to those feelings once you buried away.

Now, this track has dropped off from Gorilla Zoe’s recent trilogy project, ‘Don’t Feed The Animals 3.’ The album is solely done by him as there are not featuring artists. So, the rapper spreads wings freely with his new tracks. However, LOVE or HATE comes in position 2 in the album. The song is a low key banger because there is this chorus section that you would easily memorize and it might make you keep the song on repeat mode.

However, LOVE or HATE by Gorilla Zoe is a track that will make you reminiscent of old times as for the music. Also, such a typical BIG trap sound really goes well nowadays with trendy songs. People actually enjoy songs like this.

Moreover, the song does give you the idea of how Zoe’s life is as he brags about it. Like lifestyle, women, and many more. So, it does turn out to be those unapologetic braggadocious tracks that add up with autotune. for added radio appeal.

So listen to the track below. Let us know your thoughts. Do you agree with the lyrics or not?

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