Pop Smoke – 44 Bulldog || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Pop Smoke – 44 Bulldog NEW HIP HOP SONGS

44 Bulldog by Pop Smoke brought it back to his stomping on.

44 Bulldog by Pop Smoke is a new hip hop song refined the drill sound that he introduced. So the long-awaited release of Pop Smoke’s debut album arrived on Friday. This is a bittersweet moment. It is evident that he would have been an absolute star if he were here to celebrate the release. The release of Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon. Pop’s sound was becoming more refined, as were his gruff vocals. Smoke’s debut album is packed with anthems including from collaborations with Quavo (3x) to the 50 Cent & Roddy Rich. This is a collab of this two The Woo. Pop it seems standing alongside both his peers. Like Roody and Elder Statesmen like Fif. It was the only confirmation that he was an essential voice ushering in a new generation of rap.

Although the project is stacked with more features than he ever had on the first two. Meet The Woo tapes, some of his most fulfilling moments were on solo cuts 44 Bulldog arrives 4th  tracklist. So following big collabs with Quavo, Lil Baby, and Da Baby. This drill sound is refined with a minimalistic tone true to conventional New York City’s production style. Just as Pop was speaking into stardom, 44 Bulldog captures the paranoia and anxiety of a budding star. He is slowly removing himself from his own ways. Smoke scatters in references from Meet Thee Woo 2’s Get Back throughout over the bleak production of Morabeats and Mobbeats.

So listen to this new hip hop song 44 Bulldog and give up the feedback of it.  

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