Westside Gunn – Drive By Love (Feat. Keisha Plum) || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Westside Gunn – Drive By Love (Feat. Keisha Plum) NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Drive By Love by Westside Gunn is a newly dropped song now you can steam.

Drive By Love by Westside Gunn is a new hip hop song where he likes it wild with his woman. The song is featuring Keisha Plum. The rapper likes that nasty love. This Griselda slick talker dropped off Flygod Is An Awesome God 2 this past week. With the blessing of lots of fans, he presents a mix folder of freestyles and new tunes. This project features several stands out cuts. So this one Drive By Love is surely a classic. The song Drive By Love finds Westside Gunn focusing on vivid sexual experiences. Now the rapper’s grimy tone gives extra feeling to every explicit detail. Another talented Keisha Plum features on the song. It seems she adds some equally sexual female energy to the record.

So if we talk about the instrumental of the song Drive By Love, it is slow and Steady. Also creeping along with a boom-bap style that sounds like New York City at night. Westside Gunn is not known for his love songs. His this track deserves a place on all your playlists.

So listen to this new hip hop song Drive By Love by Westside Gunn featuring Keisha Plum. Do let us know what do you think of an exotic song of the rapper.  

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