Boldy James & The Alchemists – Pots And Pans (FEAT. The Cool Kids & Shorty K) || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Pots And Pans by Boldy James

Do you feel like going back to 2010? To hear Boldy James singing? Well, who wouldn’t want that? But luckily, we don’t need to go back as the artist had again reshaped his career and is all set to make all his fans feel enchanted on his voice. This Detroit rapper has been back once again. He is also blood cousins with Chuck Inglish. James first came to the internet world back in 2011 with his Trapper’s Alley mixtape. The back to back mixtapes, including Consignment and Jammin’ 30 in the Morning, got massive hits. So Pots by Pand By Boldy James and other featuring artists would be great for you to hear.

However, the 37-year-old artist thought to remain an unknown and an underground figure more. He even signed to Mass Appeal and released his debut album My 1st Chemistry Set. But it seemed luck didn’t favor him to rise.

So, the lost rapper is back with some assistance from the Alchemist and a new co-sign from the Griselda camp, the artist got boosted up. James Boldy has always been extremely active and technical with his words and flow. And It seems a perfect match for him to link up with artists like Alchemist. Fans have already made up their mind with the evolution of his sound and the changes since his first break out with initial production from people like Brains, Big Duke, Tye Hill, and Blended Babies. It is beyond expressible how good this Detroit’s rapper music was.

Now, after unleashing their second collab (The Price of Tea in China) together back in February, the duo is gearing up for a deluxe edition with four new hip hop songs. Today, in this blogging era, songs that feature The Cool Kids and Shorty K are being played. While mainly, Shorty K seems to be absent, The Cool Kids more or less have been weaving in and out of the rap game. However, they keep coming back together on certain occasions with their tracks. Fans have been all excited now to see all these former partners all link back up on the clanging, and aptly-titled Pots and pans by Boldy James music as an occasion.

So, check out the new hip hop song below.

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