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The most popular song “Old Town Road” singer and rapper releases, Lil Nas X new song “Call Me By Your Name.”
In the video of his new song, it can be seen Nas X lip syncs along to the new tune while driving in his car shirtless.

However, it has been a while since the singer-rapper has announced or released something new. But with his new release it looks like he has been keeping up with his work. Lil Nas X took to social media to preview his new song.

Besides what’s come in notice is that the title of the song. So the title of the song might be a refrence to Call Me By Your Name, the critically acclaimed 2017 film based on a gay love story.

The vibe of the song kind of resembles with Beyonce ‘Baby Boy’ vibes.

Moreover back in February, Nas X tweeted, “my album finna slap so fuckin hard.”

Las month, Lil Nas X admitted publicly to being a Nicki Minaj stan in the past and even asked her for a collaboration.

Check out Lil Nas X new song preview.

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