Gudda Gudda – It Ain’t OK || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (VIDEOS)

It Ain't OK by Gudda Gudda

It Ain’t OK by Gudda Gudda is a new hip hop song and who is popular to be known as Young Money. As the rapper serves as a part of Squad Up with Lil Wayne. For which the rapper got his music video dropped on Lil Wayne’s Youtube Channel.

It seems to be not so long that Gudda has released a full-length album some days back. But now returned with another new single. So, the rapper is hyped up this year. However, It Ain’t OK by Gudda Gudda is a song dedicated to George Floyd. And also to all the other Black lives that have been lost for the brutality by the police and the systemic racism that they still face in this generation.

Even though many artists have shown tribute for the consequences Black Lives Matter campaign. Yet Guddacomes up with a heart-warming song where he speaks about the corruption that occurred in the system of the US. Also mentions the revolution taken in place which was weeks back where people did protests and riots. This time people were not silent. They did not let it go. But this did break across the nation and created chaos for the time being.

Furthermore, the music video has included the news reports. Also shows the upsetting footage about George Floyd, Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor, and more.

So, check out the new single below and let us know your comments about the rapper.

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