Jay –Z Kicks Out Bun B Out Of Beyonce ‘Check On It’|| LATEST HIP HOP NEWS AND RUMORS

Jay-Z kicks out Bun B Out Of Beyonce ‘Check On It’

Recently on a Sama Ashrawi’s podcast he was he was the recent guest. In appearance of the show Bun B reveals that Jay-Z kicks out Bun B and Slim Thug out of Beyonce ‘Check On It’ video shoot.

Bun B is the legend in the rap game. And he has a lot of stories to share. He worked with big stars like Byonce with whom he collaborated on “Check On It” alongside Slim Thug.

Bun B reveals that, Jay-Z kicks Bun B and Slim Thug out of the sets since Beyonce was wearing revealing outfits. Throughout the video, which was being directed by Hype Williams.

In addition, Bun B also reveals that it was the start of Beyonce’s and Jay’s relationship. And it seems that Jay still have insecurities with other me in the room.

Beyonce was in the shoot dancing in a short skirt and later in bikini. It was then that Jay protected B. After discovering that there were nearly a dozen men in the room. Bun B also says that, there were men but not straight men.

Later Jay-z asked people to clean the room immediately. And they all were kicked out from the shooting room to the dressing room. And were asked to stay there until the shoot was over and that they are not allowed to see her dance.

Later Beyonce apologized to them for Jay-z’s behavior. She said, “I am so sorry you guys had to leave the room. But Jay’s not comfortable.”

“We understand fully that’s no problem, we are happy to be here,’ they responded.

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