Rejjie Snow – Cookie Chips (FEAT. MF DOOM & Cam O’Bi) || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (VIDEOS)

Cookie Chips by Rejjie Snow

So Cookie Chips by Rejjie Snow is a new hip hop song that is different as it talks about a unique topic. As the rapper teamed up with MF Doom and Cam O’Bi.

Moreover, this new track is based on Rejjie Snow’s childhood nostalgia moments. It is a slow melody beat and instruments being played on the background. Also, the track comes along with a music video where the rapper is walking with bunch of balloons through a forest. You would for sure enjoy the lyrics of this latest track.

Besides, Rejji Snow was low-key since his last release of “Dear Annie” which was in 2018. But now the rapper is back. Earlier today, Cookie Chips by Rejjie Snow is his new single that debuted on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1. Also bringing Bringing MF Doom and Cam O’Bi for featuring on the track. So specialty of the song you would notice will be the flashback he talks about, the times when difficulty or the adrenaline rush of life did not happen. Those kid times when Pokémon was a big thing and bookbag. While MF DOOM shares a verse about paints pictures through his stream of consciousness that he achieves.

So there was also a statement given by Rejjie about the song. As he says, “I love making music and creating moments, it feels good to bring out this song in such an unaccustomed time and begin this new chapter in a solid and happy place.” Now, this is a relatable fact we might face in our lives too, am I right?

However, check out the “Cookies Chips” song below. Let us know if you liked such a music style of Rejjie Snow.

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