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So the most popular rapper group Migos files a complaint against their longtime attorney Damien Grandson. Migos sue their lawyer for charging excessive fees and for not disclosing that he also worked with QCM.

As the Hollywood Reporter notes, Migos claims that Damien Granderson robbed and cheated them out of millions dollars.
The rappers have been working with him since 2014. After signing a recording agreement with Quality Control Music (QCM) in 2013.

Moreover, in the complaint they also mention that their lawyers allege, that Granderson delayed the release of Culture. He orchestrated a legal dispute with 300 Entertainment. In an attempt to facilitate a move to a different record label, Capitol Records.

It adds that if not delay for the release of Culture, Migos would have been able to earn additional revenue.
Granderson had an exclusive label deal with Capitol. Which allows Capitol to distribute all albums that QCM process. And that QCM was actually profiting far more handsomely than was apparent form the face of the documents that Granderson personally presented to Migos for immediate execution.

However, as Migos sue their lawyer it is also came to known that, Damien Granderson practices law without a California license for five years.

Pitchfork has reached out to Damien Granderson and the law firms Davis Shapiro Lewit Grabel & Leven. Also LLP and representatives and lawyers for Migos.

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