Abra Cadabra – On Deck || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (VIDEOS)

On Deck by Abra Cadabra
It seems like somebody has claimed to be the king of North And East London through his new hip hop song and that would be Abra Cadabra.

So, On Deck by Abra Cadabra is the new hip hop song where the rapper flexes. The track comes along with a hot music video. Recently, Abra Cadabra seems to set goals with being on the top chart. He has gained a lot of popularity this year through his dope music. When it comes to the rapper, he does derive to be a evolution of UK Drill. Even though he did come across the height of the road era, one example would be the “Robbery” track. It was a hit track that has spread around the UK. People seem to really enjoy his music.

However, the 21-year-old rapper was not as constant as he is in this year. It seems like he needed some time off to give out such great songs. Besides, On Deck by Abra Cadabra is a track with such haunting vocal samples but he takes over the song and braggadocious about being the king of North and East London. Now, such releases do give us the hint that the rapper might officially drop his album soon.

Till then stay tuned and check out his recent track below.

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