DJ Khaled – Popstar (FEAT. Drake) || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Popstar by DJ Khaled

So when it comes Drake we all know what kind of dope song it will be. This time Popstar by DJ Khaled with Drake is out in all streaming services. Do you want to miss out on this hit track?

However, it is an exciting news to find these two great artists making up songs together. But there were some hints that Dj Khaled did give out when he posed for photos with an owl. And then boom, ealier this week there was an announcemnet by Dj Khaled and Drake about releasing a track together. Fans would love the fan part that they did not prepare one but two songs together. So another one would be “Greece.”

Now, let’s talk about Popstar by Dj Khaled and Drake, it is a chill melody beat. But the verses that Drake delivers is sick. The rapper does mention other artists in this new hip hop song. Moreover, as the latest track drops off, so Dj Khaled tweeted that “DJ KHALED feat. @Drake SOME BOY DEM MAKE POP CHUNE WE MAKE CHUNE THAT GO POP! POP PON THEY HEAD!!,” so it was penned in a tweet and with the post he also gave the cover art of “Popstar.”

Futhermore, it seems like this time Drake has been very secretive about what is about to come out this year. But we surely know that we would love it anyhow. So check it out the track below. Let us know if you enjoyed it or not. Stay tuned as there is more banger tracks coming up next.


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