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Birdman & Lil Wayne Tease ‘Like Father, Like Son 2’ Album

So, Birdman & Lil Wayne chats like old times on the recent episode of Young Money Radio. On Friday Lil Wayne hots the season finale of Young Money Radio on Apple Music.

Moreover, there were other guests in the show such as 2 Chainz, Chris Brown, August Alsina, and Birdman as guests.
Birdman & Lil Wayne brings up their topic of the album ‘Like Father, Like Son 2.’ Which is a sequel to their 2006 joint album Like Father, Like Son.

Besides, they both teases about the sequel album while chatting. Birdman says, “I got one thing I want to ask, I would like to do a Like Father, Like Son 2.” “Man, come on. You ain’t got to ask. Come on, man that was not a question. Man, come on, man. You know I’m going to send you six joints for you to put the verse to them. You know how I do, man,” Wayne says in response.

In addition, Birdman also reveals that he is done with rapping and wants this album to be a farewell project.
Moreover he shares, “Real round, which was me. You know I am done with rapping. Rapping ain’t for me no more, I’m done with that shit. I like to make rappers, that’s what I do. Real rap. So, I just want it to be with my little farewell thing.”

However, the original Like Father, Like Son is from 2006. Through Cash Money Records and spawned the Billboard Hot 100 hit ‘Stuntin Like My Daddy.’

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