City Morgue – HURTWORLD ‘99 NEW HIP HOP SONGS (Videos)

HURTWORLD ‘99 by City Morgue has just come out now you can stream.

HURTWORLD ‘99 by City Morgue is a new hip hop song which is a new single of the rapper. The rapper is applying pressure on the system. This group is consisting of Sos Mula, Tharaxx, and Zillakami. They have continued to push the boundaries of hip hop with the energy of punk rock and the aggression of metal. Although they are often considered hip-hop. It is evident that their influences go far beyond the realms of rap.

So filling with the passion of anarchy, The group returned with a headbanger this week titled HURTWORLD ‘99. The Distorted guitars mesh with trap drums and scream-raps as they detail chaos and violence. This song HURTWORLD ‘99 is a taste of what to expect on TOXIC BOOGALOO. And they highly anticipated single was initially teased in May before finally being delivered to the fans. It s entirely.

So now you can checkout their new hip hop song HURTWORLD ’99 by City Morgue. Do let us know if you like this song in the comment section. Keep your eyes peeled for their new project we shall update soon. Enjoy the music!

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