Kanye Trying To Divorce Kim Since Her Meeting Meek Mill || LATEST HIP HOP NEWS AND RUMOURS

Kim Kardashian Files For Divorce From Kanye West || LATEST HIP HOP NEWS AND RUMOURS

After Kanye’s twitter spree last night was shocking for all of us. Among many of his tweets, one of his tweet was, Kanye trying to divorce Kim.

For now, in the tweets are removed where Kanye trying to divorce Kim was mentioned. He has been trying to divorce his wife Kim Kardashian West. He was hinting her to be unfaithful with Meek Mill. Kanye mentions their meetings regarding prison reform.
He wrote, ‘I have been trying to get divorced since Kim met Meek at the Warldolf for “prison reform.”’

However, in another following tweet, he wrote that ‘Meek is my man and was respectful… That’s my dog… Kim was out of line.” Kim and Meek reportedly met for the first time at Inaugural Criminal Justice Reform Summit. Which was in Los Angeles in November 2018.

Moreover, among his rant he even calls out Kris Jenner and compares her to Kim Jong-Un. The Supreme Leader of North Korea.

All his tweets were later removed. And a doctor was sent for him to Wyoming.
Before all these rants, he posted about his new album ‘Donda.’ Which comes out on Friday. He also announces an accompanying film.

Afterwards, Kim posts on social media explaining all that happened. Addressing Kanye West having mental illness.

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