Casanova – Don’t Play Games (Feat. DMX) || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Casanova – Don’t Play Games (Feat. DMX) || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Don’t Play Games by Casanova is just come out now you can stream.

Don’t Play Games by Casanova is a new hip hop song featuring DMX where he heads to the streets. The rapper grabs DMX for a hard-hitting diet Don’t Play Games icing on the cake for those still riding the Verzuz high.

It does not take long before DMX makes his presence felt on Casanova’s new single. IN here time is not meant to be wasted and the new single is Don’t Play Games. The buzz from the high of last night’s Verzuz battle for his many loyal fans. X’s formidable cadence is enough to spark anticipation. So he holds it down with an intense chorus. He provides ad-libs as Casanova fires off a savage verse. The verses are something like Never rat, stay with a strap, X got Yonkers, Bk on my back. He raps and emphasized by a DMX’s signature “WHAAT”?!

So here DMX gets the second verse all to himself. The tone sets with some animalistic imagery. He spits that Gorilla on the track, King Kong silverback.Casanovaraps again that Muthafucka wants a problem, I’ ma give it back / when shit hit the fan goons come out. He spits that they all in/ folding n***as up like a lawn chair. You can see there is plenty of chemistry here. In many ways, it’s no surprise that X and Casanova were able t find such effective artistic common ground. Here check out the official release of Don’t Play Games right now and sound of. Hey, are you ready for some new music from Cas and DMX?

Listen to this new hip hop song Don’t lay Games by Casanova featuring DMX. Do let us know if you like this song.  

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