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Eminem’s Marketing Teases New Eminem And Rihanna Collaboration

In a recent picture shared by Burn It Down Group. It can be a tease for new Eminem and Rihanna collaboration. I guess we might actually have one after so long.

Ever since the Burn It Down Group shares a picture on their Instagram stories earlier this Sunday. The fans are expecting something new is about to come in the way. Burn It Down Group also is the company that handles the marketing business for Shady Records.

They share a photo of Eminem’s trademark backward “E” logo interweaving with Rihanna’s “R” branding from her Rated R era. To which they also added a two-sided eye emoji.

However, it is not yet to be sure whether the tease is actually bringing up an Eminem and Rihanna collaboration. But there are only a few chances of this being a troll. They have written on their stories that “Just know this Eminem season is upon us. Don’t fucking sleep. Trust us I know y’all can read between lines, we coming.”

The duo are friends from way back. And previously worked together in many songs. They have collaborated multiple times in the past. “Loved The Way You Lie” ad then its sequel “Loved The Way You Lie (part 2)”. “Numb” which was a feature on Rihanna’s album Unapologetic. And the GRAMMY winning hit “The Monster” that appears on Eminem’s album The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

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