BlocBoy JB – No Dribble Freestyle || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (VIDEOS)

No Dribble Freestyle by BlocBoy JB

So, Rapper BlocBoy JB clearly seems to be a generous man. Although he hasn’t released any project in over a year. But surely BlockBoy kept on blessing his fans with freestyles and loose tracks over the months. Now for fans, his loose track music releases looked like some sort of weekly series that is off the record. And it seems like fans are hoping that the rapper would come up with new tape or album in the future.

Although BlocBoy dropped his last track “Do What I Do” nearly two weeks ago. It clearly seems the rapper isn’t wasting any time to keep his fans all busy with his tracks. So later, the 24-year-old rapper unleashed his new hip hop song. This time, No Dribble Freestyle by BlocBoy JB came out recently. In this new hip hop song, the rapper is seen getting his grips with a haunting instrumental tone. BlacBoy raps “Shoot up a rap n***a sprinter, “Do that shit up in a rental/ Put all my opps in a blender.” It does look like the rapper has got thunder on his track this time. Alongside this, the rapper does release the track with a music video. He shows up with his stylish look and raps around places hitting with moves.

So check out, No Dribble Freestyle by BlocBoy JB and let us know your thoughts. Does it seem catchy enough to you?

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